Collegiate Regalia Returns & Refunds

We understand the disappointment students may be experiencing at the culmination of their education. As with so many industries, a combination of global supply chain constraints and record labor shortages has created downstream effects for us this graduation season, resulting in temporary delays in shipping our products. We will refund the full cost of regalia for those students who either did not receive their regalia or received incomplete or incorrect regalia for their commencement ceremonies. If you purchased your products directly through the college bookstore or another site on campus, your refund will be handled through the bookstore. If you purchased your regalia online through Herff Jones, you may submit your refund request here.

Please note, if you haven't received your cap and gown yet and it was scheduled to be shipped to your home, it will still be delivered to the address provided.

  1. Complete the form below.
  2. After submitting, print the confirmation page for your records.

This website has been designed for college students, for more information on high school commencements, please contact your local sales representative. Your Herff Jones sales representative can be located at


Since the payment was collected by your bookstore or another site on campus, please call or visit their website for more information. In the event you choose to return some or all of your commencement regalia that you purchased online, this website has been designed to help you through the process.
All orders placed online with home ship cannot be cancelled. Home ship gowns and regalia are sent directly to your residence from the manufacturing facility. Once you receive the product, and you choose to return the product, follow the instructions for returning your home ship product for a refund.
Many students will choose to keep their graduation regalia and/or keepsakes as a memory of their accomplishments. Rental gowns are intended to be returned after the ceremony. However, since you ordered the product online, you can complete the form on this page to process a refund.
We recommend following the direction from your college or university. If you ordered your graduation product online and requested that it ship to your home, the product will be on its way. If you ordered online and requested to pick up the product at your college campus, we will share details on how we can ship the product to your home. Any additional questions can be answered in our FAQs at or can be directed to our customer service team at 1-800-837-4235.
I'm sorry for your disappointment with your commencement. This website has been designed for college students. For more information on high school commencements, please contact your local sales representative. Your Herff Jones sales representative can be located at

To request your collegiate regalia refund, you will need your CPA order number (EX: CPA1234-23456789) – and is shown as Internet Reference Number in your confirmation email, or as Order Number if you printed the confirmation page itself along with the last name included on your order.

Collegiate Cap & Gown Refund Request
It is recommended that products be shipped via a carrier with package tracking. Insuring the product is at the customer's discretion. Keep in mind that merchandise remains the responsibility of the customer until it is received at the Herff Jones return facility.