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When you started your academic journey, with the goal of celebrating your achievement in the spring of 2020, there is no way you could have predicted what we are experiencing today. We created this website in response to the impact of recent COVID-19 pandemic. We know you were supposed to pick up your graduation cap and gown (as well as your tassels, stoles, hoods or cords) on campus. This option offers to ship your order directly to your home at no charge to you.


We're sorry your regalia did not arrive as expected. Our cap and gown manufacturing and distribution plants were closed during the pandemic by governor's order, and when we reopened, our teams started working around the clock, 7 days a week to ship orders.
  • If you were asked to fill this form out again, there was an error related to the CPA order number. Please complete the form again and we will ship your order.
  • If your order was submitted successfully, we are actively working to ship your order.
You do not need to fill out this form. If you ordered your product through a website, the bookstore or grad fair AND you expected to receive your product shipped directly to your home or residence, it's on its way to you!
This website is specifically designed for students who ordered their product through a Herff Jones website. If you ordered directly from the bookstore or another site on campus, please contact them for instructions on how to get your product home shipped to you.
We understand the disappointment that many students may be facing during the disruption of their commencement ceremonies after working so hard on their academic achievements. Many students will choose to keep their graduation regalia and/or keepsakes as a memory of their accomplishments. Rental gowns are intended to be returned after the ceremony. If you purchased your products directly through the college bookstore or another site on campus, your refund will be handled through the bookstore. In the event you choose to return some or all of your commencement regalia that you purchased online, please visit and we can help you through the return process.
You may need to use an iron with light steam on the gowns to remove any wrinkles that may have occurred. Placing the gown on a hanger will also prevent additional wrinkles. There is no need to wash the gown as your gown is delivered properly cleaned.
I'm sorry for your disappointment with your commencement. This website has been designed for college students, for more information on high school commencements, please contact your local sales representative. Your Herff Jones sales representative can be located at

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